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Here’s your guide to Raynor’s DuraCoil line of commercial rolling service doors…

  • DuraCoil Optima:  Designed for high security applications or oversized openings, sturdy 18-gauge slats and structural steel guides combine to make this our strongest rolling service door.
DuraCoil Optima
  • DuraCoil Standard:  This full-featured, 20-, 22-, or 24- gauge product delivers Raynor reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use. Offered with our widest selection of quality features and options, this model is best for the most common service door applications.
DuraCoil Standard
  • DuraCoil Basic:  This 24-gauge product with roll-formed guides is a simple solution for typical applications, providing Raynor quality and durability.
DuraCoil Basic
  • DuraCoil Select:  When facility design or environment requires unique materials, this model is offered exclusively with stainless steel or aluminum slats, and options, to meet specific design performance.
DuraCoil Select


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