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Installing Custom Garage Doors For Home Or Business

Installing Custom Garage Doors for Home or Business

Sara Foutz, National Overhead Door

Sara Foutz, National Overhead Door

We sat down with Sara Foutz who works behind the scenes at National Overhead Door to make sure your commercial and residential garage door are serviced and installed quickly and professionally.

Homeowners and business owners frequently ask Sara about custom garage door options.

When someone needs a garage door for a unique or custom application, does National Overhead Door work with architects and designers to get the right fit and finish?

Sara Foutz: I’m so glad you asked this question! We most definitely work with customers and architects alike to come up with the best solution for their unique situation.

For example, we were involved in a project downtown for a restaurant that opened last year. This restaurant had exposed piping on the ceiling and wanted garage doors installed to open up to an outdoor patio.

We had to customize the track on the garage door to open between two pipes (it was a VERY narrow space) and I heard from some of the contractors on the job that it was incredible to see our installer achieve this!

What manufacturers and brands of doors do you carry that offer the best custom options?

SF:​ We carry Raynor and Richards-Wilcox garage doors and both manufacturers offer the width in 1″ increments and the height in 3″ increments which helps to achieve many custom sizes.​

What type of options are available for custom residential doors – as it relates to to window, design, wood, finish, color, and size?

SF: ​Some of the more popular options customers go for these days are the steel doors with the “wood look” colors that include cherry, oak, walnut and more.

We have a newer more modern look in which the doors can be placed going down one side or the other, and even diagonal if they wish. I see an increase in customers looking for full view glass doors for both restaurants and their home in which we do carry both types. ​

The most popular sizes for garage doors are single and double car (9′ x 7′ and 16′ x 7′). I would suggest considering 8′ high garage doors on any new build because you can pull in the higher trucks and SUV’s and, of course, so that you have more room to get your Lifestyle Screen in there!

What type of options are available for custom commercial doors – as it relates to to window, design, wood, finish, color, and size?

SF: C​commercial garage doors can come in an array of colors, fire engine red on the volunteer fire company’s building, jet black finish on a full view restaurant door, and more.

For the most part, commercial doors are white or brown with ribbed panels and maybe a viewing window or two. We install many commercial doors such as the type I mentioned as well as custom doors.

What are the most common custom requests for residential and commercial applications?

SF: ​One of the most common custom requests would be to make the door high lift, in other words to make the door go up to the ceiling. ​

What’s the typical lead time for custom doors?

SF: L​ead time varies depending on the manufacturer. I have seen custom doors get delivered in three weeks and some that take three months! It really depends on what you are ordering, sizes, time of year, and demand.

Does National Overhead Door offer the same great service and guarantees for custom work as they do for standard applications?

SF: ​Our work is consistent across the board and we have in-house technicians that specialize in custom door installations, capable of handling any request.​

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