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National Overhead Door is one of the largest Lifestyle Screen Door installers in North America. Lifestyle screens are far more convenient, private, secure, and aesthetically pleasing than zip-up garage door screens.

Lifestyle uses a patented clip and track systems that securely mounts directly inside any garage door! The floor track never touches the floor which keeps the screen clean, and prevents disruptions in operation. Our experts and technicians are readily available to help you with questions, technical questions, installation and measuring appointments.




Lifestyle Screen Doors require accurate measurement and installation. Please call us or contact us to setup an appointment.

Do not attempt to install this door without contacting us for an installation appointment.

All screens offer a degree of privacy and breath-ability, the option for an middle entry door for your family, special accessories (pet doors, locks, etc)  and come in two categories:

Standard Fiber Glass Screens: Made of fiberglass mesh in a 18×14 weave pattern similar to what is used on window screens, and comes in one color. You will get approximately 10% more airflow with the standard screen (58%) above the upgraded white/black privacy super screen materials (48% airflow).

Super Polyester Privacy Screens: Made of a of PVC-coated polyester in a 17×20 weave for extra privacy, and come in either black or white color (white offers the highest degree of privacy).

Transform your boring garage into a comfortable living space today!

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