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Here’s your guide to Raynor’s ThermaSeal Series of sectional garage doors…

  • ThermaSeal TM200:  The ultimate choice for thermal protection, this door has a R-value of 18.3, has 2” thick steel, and is the most energy-efficient of the ThermaSeal line. This door is a great fit for a variety of applications demanding performance.


  • This door should be chosen when durability and thermal efficiency in challenging environments is desired. With a heavy-duty, 20-gauge exterior and a 16.4 R-value, this 1-3/4” thick steel door has all the features you’d expect, and the options you need for a wide range of applications.


  • ThermaSeal TM175-20: With its 16.4 R-value, this benchmark product provides Raynor reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use. This garage door is offered with the widest selection of quality features, and has options for the most common product applications.



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